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searchhub Partners with Leading Global Agency
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hmmh and their parent, Serviceplan Group, are heralded as one of the most highly rated, privately owned agencies globally. For more than 25 years hmmh has been managing the in-house digital transformation, ...

Food Preparation
Query Preprocessing
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In this post, I present how query preprocessing can make your on-site search better in multiple ways and why this process should be a separate step in your search optimization. Below I will present ...

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When users search for things like “men's waterproof jacket mountain equipment” they’re seeking help. What they expect is for the search engine to understand their intent, interpret it and return products, ...

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Valantic understands the intricacies of working with large corporate digitization projects with systems like SAP, Spryker, Magento, Shopware, and Scayle, among others. It’s common to experience a lack ...

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Almost any person working with search is somehow aware of Synonyms and their importance when optimizing search to improve recall. Therefore, it will be no surprise to say that adding synonyms is one ...

Athena Goddess of Wisdom and War
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Do you know Querqy? If you have a Lucene-based search engine in place - which will be Solr or Elasticsearch in most cases ...

Optimize Communication for Better Product Creation
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Mushrooms are some of the oldest and compared to us humans - simplest, organisms. What we call a mushroom is actually just a fruit body of a complex underground network of fungal threads called mycelium ...

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